Frequently Asked Rubber Flooring Questions
July 08, 2019

Frequently Asked Rubber Flooring Questions

We are going to answer some of the basic questions we are asked most often by our customers like you. 

Why Use Rubber Flooring? What are the Advantages? 

Rolled Rubber flooring is a functional product. Yes, the reason you install it is to provide a function. The fact that it can also be an attractive addition is just a bonus. The job of PremierTuff Rubber flooring is to PROTECT. Protect the subfloor, protect the equipment and protect the patron. Protecting your subfloor by absorbing the impact of dropped weights.

Workout Dumbells on a rubber gym floorTry dropping a 50lb iron dumbbell on exposed concrete in the same spot a few thousand times. What do you think will happen to the concrete? I often use the example of dropping a weight plate from waist height on to a rubber floor and watching it harmlessly bounce around before coming to rest with no damage done. Protecting the equipment from moving or shifting is a major plus.

A sound, secure surface is critical to proper placement of quality fitness equipment. PremierTuff Rubber flooring also provides a non-slip, impact absorbing surface for gym goers to workout on or on top of. Ease of proper maintenance keeps customers healthy, safe and coming back.

How do I clean my rubber floor?

You can always vacuum the floor. This will pick up any larger particles that may have been brought in. A pH neutral cleaner is always recommended. Harsh detergents or solvents can breakdown the rubber compounds and leave a film on your floor that will dull the finish.

Warm, clean water with a damp mop done a few times a week will keep your PremierTuff Rubber floor looking new for years. Hint: Once the water in your pail gets murky, change it out to ensure the best results. Tough stains can be removed with a wet cloth dabbed with mineral spirits. Once your stain is removed, wipe the area with a fresh rag to remove any mineral spirit residue.

How long should rubber flooring last?

Of course, proper maintenance is the key to long life. If you regularly mop the floor and quickly repair any areas that need attention, there is no reason your floor cannot serve you for at least 10 years. We have several PremierTuff installs from over 10 years ago that are still performing admirably.

Multiple types of rubber flooring rolls

How do I cut my rubber rolls?

With a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. Measure twice, cut once. Once you are ready, set your straight edge and score the material with a sharp knife. Then open up the score and feed your knife back through to ensure a clean cut. Always cut away from your body to avoid injury. Hint: point your cutting elbow along the scoreline to keep your blade within the score.


Can I “loose-lay” my floor?

Not recommended in commercial or high volume applications. If a floor is not properly installed, you always run the risk on it shifting or popping up in spots, thus creating a safety/tripping hazard. Now that being said, in-home gym applications with a fair amount of equipment to keep your floor in place, loose lay may be acceptable. Hint: for best-looking results, always unroll material in the same direction on each roll.

Loose lay rubber gym floor workout tile

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